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August 29, 2013

Eve Online Market Watch: 2013 Quarter 3 Report

Talk about summer doldrums. I took most of the summer off but lets take a quick look at a couple of things that are going on.

In other areas, PLEX prices standing at or around 540 million isk a unit. If you take a quick look down at volume you will notice a drop. Is this duel training consumption or just people not playing as much? The last time volume slowed we got the PLEX Intervention.

My Quarter 3 Investment Report:
When Odyssey was released I was just getting Operation: Iteron V under way. It held for the month of June and as markets adjusted and things slowed down from the expansion, I decided to take a break for the summer. I have just recently started getting my manufacturing operations back online. Things just seem slow online right now. Not a lot of pilots logging in and markets seem sluggish at best. Keep in mind I tend to shy away from large market hubs, trading in lower traffic areas.

Hopefully things pick back up here as school starts again and fall hits. Odyssey 1.1 should be interesting and I will have a few quick write ups about the patch in the coming weeks.

August 22, 2013

Operation: Iteron V

I didn't have trillions of dollars to invest in R64s. I didn't have billions to invest in ice. I did have a few million to invest in some of the Odyssey ships changes though. Namely the Iteron Mark V back in February when the ship skill changes were released I took notice of the changes in Industrial ship skill change requiring only level one not the hilarious level five required before. I bought a Iteron Mark V BPO put it in the ME research que and forgot about it.

Fast Forward three months, I have been busy investing and saving up isk. I built a freighter to haul those massive Iteron V. It was time to cash in. Not only did I make almost 1 million in profit per ship the first week of trading saw these things flying off the shelves literally. I could barely keep stock piles of sell orders on the market before they were gone. I was happy with the invested time glad to see I could make a little money in retrospect of the bigger markets out there.

Total Ships produced in June: 467 Iteron Mark V

The dust has settled for now and markets are slowly adjusting back to normal levels. Can't wait for the next expansion to make a little money.

August 15, 2013

Weekend Interest Rates

A bit of real world investment advice applied to the game world. A large company operates with a certain amount of cash on hand each day. The funds are used for daily operations at the company. When everyone goes home at 5 suddenly you have a large sum of money that is just sitting in the bank. What financial people will do is take those funds and transfer them, for a low interest rate, to another company on the other side of the world that is just starting its operations for the day. The next morning the funds are shifted back to the first company to begin its days operations. In short a sort of micro loan that last 12 hours. It doesn't sound like much but count it up times 365 and you might have a positive number on your hands.

How can I use this system and apply it to Eve. This is what I came up with. My quick turn over investment for the weekend. I usually don't have much time to play over the weekend so I don't really need any isk in my wallet during that time(Note I don't have any active buy orders). Lots of players are playing during the weekend so plenty of money to be made. The only requirement is that I want my isk liquid and back in the bank come Tuesday or whenever I am going to be back online. So I pick out a few items, they are typically more expensive items but offer a decent return if you want to sit on them for a couple of days. I buy a very small amount and place several of them in stations a little off the beaten path but still have decent traffic. If I push one or two of them over the weekend I have been keeping my money working for me all weekend.

The second option is to find an item that moves very fast buy just enough to cover a weekends worth of sells. Place it in a station where you won't have to babysit the sell order but know it has a solid population or traffic. Come Monday morning you find your sell order is almost sold out and you have a few more iskies in your pocket.

August 6, 2013

30 Day Trial Account Offer (Limited Time Only)

(Update: Aug. 26 2013) This offer is no longer available.
(Update: Aug. 6 2013)Special Alliance Tournament 11 Offer 30 Day Trial: Free
Game Time: 30 Days, subscription and game purchase required afterwards. This offer is going on during the recent Alliance Tournament 11. I don't know how long this will be going on I expect about a month. This is quite a good offer it covers 30 days of free game time that is equal to 15 dollars or a PLEX which costs 19.95. Check out more subscription offers at Eve Online Subscriptions and Specials.

This is a really cool offer and one you should take advantage of if your thinking about getting in game this is a great opportunity to try it out. Again wow one whole month of game time this is almost makes me want to start an alt account.

Again here is the link

Saw the link up on the video below an ad for Alliance Tournament 11.